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D&D Paving are an Inverness based family firm specialising in all forms of paving work.  We will consider all paving work of any size for both residential and commercial property. We have 2 fully equipped squads (including pick-ups) and can supply on a labour only basis for plot works if required. Our staff are accredited with CSCS, NPORS mini-excavator and dumper and CPCS telehandler tickets.

Our recent work includes completing the first phase at the prestigious new Tornagrain Housing Development, East of Inverness, along with a range of private domestic projects and works for Ross-shire Care & Repair. We’re happy to provide photographs, testimonials and references as evidence of the quality of our work and consistent attention to detail. Call us today to arrange a site visit and quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my paving job cost?

We’re often asked about the price of paving work, quotes can sometimes be higher than anticipated. We think transparency about what your job involves is important, so if you have questions about your quote please don’t hesitate to talk to us about it. Paving work can be a big investment,  that is why we want you to have the best possible job that will last for many years. We never quote by cutting corners, we are realistic and honest about the time it will take to do a first-class job.

What is involved in my paving job?

In order to prepare the ground properly,  which means your path, patio or driveway won’t track, sag or puddle, we have to dig... a lot.
It is quite common to remove literally tonnes of earth, roots and stones from the site. After we’ve dug deep enough we put down terram (black weed control fabric) then lay foundations using type 1 hardcore. We ensure it is compacted and level, then we put down 6mm chips, which is much better than sand once compacted and you can lay in the rain! These form the final layer before we start to put down the paving blocks. Finally, once the blocks are laid we brush in kiln dried sand.

All of this takes time, but these tried and tested methods guarantee that your paving won’t track, sag or puddle and will be reliable for many years to come.

Receiving several paving quotes?

We understand that you may want to review your options once you have decided on your paving projects designs and have been given a quote. We are always happy to talk through the detail, and wherever possible we will try to find ways to make your job more economical without compromising on quality.

Together we’ll do our best to work out a job that will suit your needs and your budget!

Of course, people often receive several quotes from various firms before committing to a financial outlay. Keep in mind that if you do get a quote which is much lower always ask not just what's included, but what’s being left out…